Men have skin care needs too ...

Generally men have tougher skin than women, even so, their skin is exposed to stressors and need to be kept healthy, just like the rest of the body. Men also have to deal with facial hair, either by having it or shaving it. Razorburn is a common problem for many men, as well as shaving-cuts.

Healthy skin is balanced

The base of most skinproblems is dryness, even sometimes in oily skin; by trying to “dry out” the skin, the sebumproduction is overactive.
Stress is another factor: The skin is exposed to outer stress factors as pollution, radiation and chemicals while from the inside by diet, lifestyle and emotional stress.

What the skin needs is exactly what we have put in the Essential creams: nutrition, moisture and protection.

Every type of skin

Our creams are suited for everyone, everywhere, everytime.

The most dominant problem in skin is dryness, even in oily skin conditions. A myriad of other problems arise from that dryness and will clear when Skin Health is restored.

Dry skin
It is harder for dry skin to take in nutrients as top-layer becomes hard and impermeable. Due to little cracks and no protective layer, bacteria can enter and create spots, infections and irritation.

Oily "dry" skin
Due to abundant sebum. When trying to "dry out" oily skin, the skin is forced to produce more sebum while, at the same time, the top layer gets dry and hard, trapping the sebum and creating infections, spots, in-grown hairs and irritation.

Oily & Mixed skin
By restoring Skin Health, the skin balances itself by moisturizing dry areas and reducing sebum production in oily areas.

Sensitive skin
Everything that is put on the skin feels like an irritant. Skin is often dry, itchy, red and sensitive to touch. Soothing, calming cream with protective qualities will restore strength to your skin.


What do our customers say?

"Great use on my neck when I shaved badly"

"Good protection when I am working outside"

"I have used it with success on my very sensitive (red) face patches"

"My wife told me that my skin feels softer, she is right ;-)"

"Made my beard soft and shiny"

Extracted from our test panel feedback


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Product Reviews


"For mature skin; when used daily it restores moisture and gives a plump, soft feeling to the skin, diminishing the visual effect of wrinkles" - Marette
"Good protection when I am working outside" - Christophe
"I have used it with success on my very sensitive (red) face patches" - Marty

Extracted from test panel feedback

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