Real Products, Real People

 Essential Factory has a new approach to skin care and marketing, the key word here is “keeping it real”: Real people, Real products.

Real Products

We are introducing a whole new idea of skin care that we call “Skin Health”. The idea is that this fits everybody, it is the basis of healthy skin care, no matter what age or skin-type you have. EF products are 100% organic & botanical with full traceability. As far as possible we support small growers and producers of our raw materials. Our products are free from petroleum derivates, chemicals, emulsifiers, water and conserving agents.

Real People

Our marketing strategy is part of the philosophy of keeping it real. We are honest with our claims, the products will do what we say. No magic, no science-fiction, they will restore and maintain skin-health, which is the basis of radiant skin!

Our models are ordinary people of all ages with a zest for life. They use the products and they choose if they want to be an ambassador for EF. The models rule their own shoot, deciding on how they want to present themselves. All pictures are real, we don't use photo-shop.


Product Reviews


"For mature skin; when used daily it restores moisture and gives a plump, soft feeling to the skin, diminishing the visual effect of wrinkles" - Marette
"Good protection when I am working outside" - Christophe
"I have used it with success on my very sensitive (red) face patches" - Marty

Extracted from test panel feedback

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