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Essential Factory

Essential Factory was founded to provide an alternative solution to unnatural products with chemicals which may be harmful.  Our products are pure, natural and as local as we can find them. 

We are on a mission

Our vision is simple: To create top quality botanical products without compromise. They are revolutionary in their simplicity, using only natural and un-adulterated materials. Skin compatibility and health runs as a red thread through every step in creation, taking into account the fact that a healthy skin will balance itself.

Social Conscience is a key factor

We believe in transparency, honesty and fairness. The people involved in the EF project are a team that works closely together. Essential products are built from organic, sustainable and ethical raw materials and we are constantly looking for small producers and community projects to acquire the best materials possible.

Sustainability makes a better world

All manufacturing of creams, jars and packaging is made in Europe, thus diminishing our carbon footprint on many levels. Raw material supply is local as far as possible.

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