Essential oil activity

Essential oils interact directly with our brain. Their effect is various, from calming, focusing, helping to concentrate, to exciting. Research experiments show that inhaling low doses of essential oils have an effect on emotional states, autonomic nervous system, and brain electrical activity.

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Each EO has its own characteristics and action. In professional aromatherapy, essential oils are used therapeutically based on a solid knowledge of their profiles and their interaction with an individual. By blending different essential oils, a synergy can be created that targets a specific problem, in this case a blend that is both calming and stimulating. By harnessing the active properties of essential oils we created blends that help relieve stress and enhance concentration.

Distraction while driving

“It was a nice straight road in the countryside, the sky was blue on a light spring day. The car speed was within the authorized limit. What not to like? A few seconds later, the car was in a ditch. When the paramedics found the badly injured car occupants they wondered what happened? Results of blood analysis didn’t show any presence of alcohol, illicit drug or medicine”.

Fiction? No… Lack of vigilance during driving is the cause of a lot of car accidents on roads every year. Road fatalities are a great concern for society. Each year, around 2200 lives* are lost within the EU due to driver’s distraction. It’s direct cost* to EU society (fatal crashes, injury crashes and damaged property) is estimated to be over 12 billion euros.

(*) Year 2013, excluding mobile phone – sources: NHTSA report, NCSA, FARS 2010–2012 Final, FARS 2013 ARF, GES 2010-2013, EU Directorate General for Mobility & Transport 03/2015

Active fragrances project

We estimate that the inhalation of a very low dosage of essential oil synergy while driving would reduce the occurrence of distraction events by minimum 10%. The reduction of the stress-caused driver’s overreaction in tricky or emergency situations would also reduce the impact of crashes. Essential oils are widely used in everyday life, mostly for perfuming or for their relaxing effect. We have identified a set of the most suitable ones for increasing people’s focus on the base of the following requirements: safety, effect, (agreeable) smell and cost. We have studied the blending of these to obtain the best synergetic effect and scent acceptance. Setting up a fragrance synergy requires months of research and tuning. We faced two major challenges: 

. Creating a synergetic blend that would enhance the activity we are looking for; calming and stimulating 

. Creating a fragrance that would be pleasant and non-invasive to the users.

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Our solution is composed of a smart diffuser and a fragrance refill that is placed in the car. It is also compatible with pre-installed car diffusers that you can find in brands like Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. It works as easily as diffusing perfumes.

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