At EF, we design natural botanical scents & skin care that targets skin health. Our products are Essential basic skin care for everybody. The challenge was to create a smooth, nourishing and light creme using only pure botanical and well-known materials.

By eliminating petrochemicals, water, emulsifiers, preservatives and chemicals we got down to the basics of what is nutritionally active in a cream, such as vegetable butters and oils, waxes, vitamins and essential oils. These are the building blocks of our creams which have taken some years to develop. During this time, extensive tests have been done and the results that we have received are showing a success.

CLASSIC grade II (Classic Avocado)

The first cream we designed was Classic Avocado. It's been tested for a couple of years with good results. A medium rich cream suited most skin types. Both day and night-cream.

LIGHT grade I (CocoShea)

Next came CocoShea, designed for a younger age-group. It's a light and dry day cream. Has been well-received in tests.

RICH grade III (Rich Mango)

The latest cream is Rich Mango. The target for this cream was to be deeply moisturizing for dry and lined skin. Rich with emollient butters, this cream is an excellent night-cream and a wonderful cream for mature skin.

The Creams

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