About us


Essential Factory is the result of collaborative effort, joining two very different worlds of business and creation.

Anna Dannfelt is an aromatherapist from Sweden who also designs natural scents and skin-care. Philippe Briot, from Belgium, is an engineer who spent much of his youth in the haute couture sewing workshop of his family.

Together they founded Essential Factory to realize some of the ideas they envisioned. What initially started as a skin care brand, grew into projects, manufacturing and creative collaboration.

How it happened

Our Philosophy

Essential Factory has a new approach to skin care and marketing, the key word here is “keeping it real”:

Real people, Real products

We believe in transparency, honesty and fairness. The people involved in the EF project are a team that works closely together. EF models are ambassadors and form a network of women who connect and work with each other on different projects, both their own and such that EF instigates.

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