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Essential Factory is the result of collaborative effort, joining two very different worlds of business and creation. Anna Dannfelt is an aromatherapist from Sweden who also designs natural scents and skin-care. Philippe Briot, from Belgium, is an engineer who spent much of his youth in the haute couture sewing workshop of his family. Together they founded Essential Factory to realize some of the ideas they envisioned. What initially started as a skin care brand, grew into projects, manufacturing and creative collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions (arrows open answers)

  • Q: The cream has gone grainy, why? Can I still use it?

    A: Your cream got overheated in a warm place and melted. When it cools it will harden again, sometimes it may become grainy.   This does not affect the efficacy of the product and the grains melt on the skin.

  • Q: Since there are only fats in your product, won't it make my skin oily?

    A: No, the reason your skin is oily is because of an overactive sebum production. The more "drying" products you use and too much washing, strips your skin of protection, so your skin has to produce more. The essential fatty acids in the creams helps your skin by giving nutrition and protection.

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Product Reviews


"For mature skin; when used daily it restores moisture and gives a plump, soft feeling to the skin, diminishing the visual effect of wrinkles" - Marette
"Good protection when I am working outside" - Christophe
"I have used it with success on my very sensitive (red) face patches" - Marty

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